April 2022 Film typography for Esther Venrooy's On the Process of Becoming Silent and Listening (2021), Museum M, Leuven.


October 2021 Numéro Netherlands #5.


Saturday June 12, Numéro Netherland #4 hits the stores.


June 1, Pride Barcelona.


Monday April 26. Looking for an intern interested in book design, illustration, language and American politics.


Numéro Netherlands #4 will be arriving end of May, early June.


April 19, film curator and critic Jeffrey Babcock shares his passionate thoughts about the role of critical cinema,
invited within framework of Project Wealth, a project done with students Situated Design at
the Master Institute of Visual Cultures.


April 7, late afternoon, creative coder Vera van de Seyp presenting her work at the Information Design department.


April 7, early morning, web archeologist and royal librarian Kees Teszelszky taking the Information Design department on a tour on the Dutch web.


March 2021, paper sample compliments card for Fedrigoni, mixing bits and pieces from Sounding Things Out (2020),
Free Press Unlimited: The Publeaks projects
(2018), Publeaks: De Verhalen (2017), Washington (2017) and Cimédart (2011).


January 13, this trimester's first in the Information Design Lecture Series, visual artist and theorist Johanna Drücker on visualising catastrophe.


Sounding Things Out by Esther Venrooij will be published December 17 during an online book launch event.


Numéro Netherlands #3 out December 5 2020.


Investigative journalist Huub Jaspers (Vpro/Argos) gave a talk about Cryptoleaks at the Information Design department today, November 11.


Further development of Washington (2017) funded by Stimuleringsfonds, Digital Culture, to be finalized and published autumn 2021.


June 5 2020, photographer Uta Eisenreich expands on The Language of Things, this season's last in the Information Design Lecture Series.


Numéro Netherlands #02 out end of April 2020.


January 30 2020, Information Design Lecture Series, ecotheorist Timothy Morton.


January 15 2020, Femke Snelting gave a presentation about knowledge infrastructures and digital libraries at the Information Design department.


Mid November 2019, graphic designer Jan van Toorn sharing his critical thinking and practice with the Information Design department.


Early November 2019, the catalogue accompanying the exhibition of graduation projects architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture by students of Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.


First in the Information Design Lecture Series season 2019–2020, Florian Cramer's presentation Protest & Populism in Contemporary Visual Culture.


November 18 2018, Information Design Lecture Series, visual artist Joost Rekveld talking about military technologies such as radar.


The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture Graduation Projects of 2018, published at the exhibition curated by Bruno Vermeersch.


Free Press Unlimited The Stories to be published summer 2018.


Washington (2017), contribution in Stichting Print's Calendar Book published


September 2017, Stefan Laxness of Forensic Architecture shares indepth insigths of FA's research methods, such as a reconstruction of one of Assad's most notorious prisons through information of acoustics.


May 2017, journalist Bette Dam gives a lecture about her years of investigation in Afghanistan at the Design Academy Eindhoven, department of Information Design.


June 2017, investigative journalist and European Press Prize winner Christiaan Triebert of open source investigation collective Bellingcat shares some Open Secrets with students Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.


Publeaks De Verhalen bundles the 10 most remarkable cases in three years of Publeaks, the Dutch platform that facilitates sharing information with the press safely and anonymously.


May 2017, Anja Groten visits Design Academy Eindhoven for the Information Design Lecture Series and gives a talk titled Post Truth — Mediated Modes of Production.


Spring 2017, I am a lone monk walking the world with a leaky umbrella: 21 Chinese shadow puppets by Serge Onnen, a story in drawings about the fear of numbers, ending with a Twittering Trump.


Visual research for Sonic Acts 2017.


The short story De Ziekenhuissigaret (The Hospital Cigarette) by Daniël Rovers, combined with the floor plan of the exhibition Intensive Care (2016) curated by Bruno Vermeersch.


The temporary exhibition Uproot Rotterdam, curated by Studio Makkink & Bey, is open from June 1 untill August 21 2016 on the location of MVRDV's future Depot Boijmans van Beuningen.


June 2016, Living Earth — Field Notes from the Dark Ecology Project 2014–2016, a project by Sonic Acts.


Jan Tumlir's The Magic Circle, published summer 2015.


Can You Hear Me? by Francesco Spampinato, published summer 2015.


April 2015, PROOFFlab magazine: essayists vs. designers, curated by Studio Makkink & Bey, represented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Summer 2014, research for the exhibition Plastic Politics curated by Tal Erez for Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.


The 7 Deadly Sins (September 2013 – May 2014), an exhibition curated by Studio Makkink & Bey, translates the painting by Hieronymus Bosch into a composition of art and design by themselves and others, which in turn is contextualized by an iconographic research archive.


Cimedart, magazine for philosophy, University of Amsterdam, 44#1, fall 2013.


Archiprix The Netherlands 2013 presents the best graduation projects by students architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture of the Dutch academies of architecture.


Cimedart, magazine for philosophy, University of Amsterdam, 43#2, winter 2013.


Serge Onnen's intriquing journey of The Lost Cent presented in hundreds of full page drawings, published December 2012.


April 2012, Post Perdu.


Cimedart, magazine for philosophy, University of Amsterdam, 42#3, spring 2012.


Exploring Amsterdam in The Undivided City (2012) by Jacqulin Schoemaker.


Atlas of (in)formality (2012) by Jozua Zaagman


Cimedart, magazine for philosophy, University of Amsterdam, 42#1, November/December 2011.


For Real (2011), part of the work developed within the framework of the master Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam.


Teleologic Study #1 (2010), Sandberg Institute exhibition curated by Antonis Pittas.


Spring 2008 internship at Information Design Studio, Amsterdam, working on Designing Universal Knowledge.


The Uncertain States of America Reader (2007), graduation project ArtEZ Academy of Arts Arnhem.